Felensky in Haiti

When Felensky was born with clubfoot, his parents Wilda and Felix sought treatment, however, they found a clinic not associated with Hope Walks. After several appointments, the family saw no progress with their son’s foot. In fact, he was put in several casts that compressed his leg too tightly, and he almost lost his foot from gangrene.

Wilda and Felix were referred by a doctor to a Hope Walks clinic, and they decided to take Felensky. They were surprised to see how patients were served with compassion at this new clinic. Both of Felensky’s parents accompanied him to every appointment. While Felensky was receiving treatment, they learned about clubfoot and paid attention to the details of how to care for their son’s foot. Soon, they noticed that Felensky was responding properly to the new treatment, and his foot became straight.

Now that Felensky is in the bracing stage, he is happy to walk and run freely. His parents hope for him to be a valuable man who is able to help others in need. They no longer feel shame and are proud to let people see Felensky’s foot.