Diego in Honduras

For Diego?s family in Honduras, clubfoot is nothing new. This little boy was born with the treatable birth defect and so was his mother and uncle. When Diego?s mom Blanca was treated for clubfoot, surgery was one of the few options at the time. Today, this little boy is being treated with the minimally invasive Ponseti method of casts and braces.?

It took five casts to correct Diego?s left foot, the only one affected by clubfoot, and now he is on a night brace to maintain that correction.?

With her experience with clubfoot as a child, Blanca knew her son would walk too and have no bad memories about it. She is grateful that the treatment process is much more simple than when she and her brother had it as a child.

Clockwise from upper left: Diego’s left foot before treatment, during casting and straightened.?