Nelito in Mozambique

Recent terrorist attacks in the town of Montepuez in Mozambique caused Nelito and his family to lose everything, but they were able to find something praiseworthy in Nelito’s healing!

Nelito’s parents, Zita and Ernesto, came to Montepuez as refugees. Although they remain unemployed, they feel blessed to find treatment for their son’s clubfoot. Nelito’s mother stayed devoted to her son and his healing process and met all of the recommendations given at the clinic. Although it was difficult to see their son go through a tenotomy, Zita and Ernesto said the best moment was watching the foot become straightened. The most surprising part of their experience at the clinic was when Nelito could start wearing braces after the casts straightened his feet. They couldn’t believe the transformation!

As terrorists attacked people and burned houses around them, Nelito’s family remained praiseworthy of their clinic experience. Other families recognized their humility and kindness despite them having lost everything.