Eliana in Mozambique

Emidio and Arcinia are both hard-working parents, but making ends meet is a challenge. Emidio has been working in neighboring South Africa to find better employment and sending money back home to his wife. Their budget was already tight, but the global pandemic made things even worse. Emidio’s employer reduced his paycheck. 

When their daughter Eliana was born with clubfoot, this further put the family behind. Now a country away, this family’s separation meant Arcinia was on her own to manage their daughter’s clubfoot treatment. While physically distant, this family’s hardships seemed to bring them closer to each other. They continued to work together even though others were telling them healing was not possible.

Arcinia tried to run a small business, but she was not successful. The little she brought in was still not enough to cover all family expenses. Fortunately, donor support ensured treatment would be covered. A special transportation grant provided to Hope Walks also allowed the clinic to help pay for Arcinia and Eliana’s transportation to the clinic for weekly castings, and later brace checkups. 

“I will always remember this family for their humility,” Parent Advisor Etelvina said. “Despite the difficulties, the mother still has faith in the healing of her daughter and faith in God.”