Elian and Endry in the Dominican Republic

Having twin boys is a blessing, but Angela’s twins came early and only weighed three and four pounds. Both were born with bilateral clubfoot adding to the stress this young mom felt. Doctors did identify the crooked feet while Angela was pregnant, but it was not until they referred her to a pediatric hospital that she first heard the term clubfoot. 

The twins, Endry and Elian, had five weekly casts to correct their feet and completed this phase in late January. They are now wearing braces at night to maintain the correction. 

Her sons’ healing journey has led this mom to God. She is now attending a neighboring church with her two older children and three nephews. For this family, clubfoot treatment impacted not only the twins but the extended family as well. Angela is happy to report that she and her husband also have reconciled. 

Angela and her husband separated shortly before the twins were born. Today, they are reunited.

Elian and Endry sleep peacefully while wearing their foot abduction braces.