Yeabkal in Ethiopia

Trust is something that must be earned. When Selamawit?s son Yeabkal was born with clubfoot, this Ethiopian mother did not trust that the physical therapists could straighten his feet. But as time went on and Yeabkal?s feet improved with each new cast, the medical staff earned her trust.

?I have been surprised to have such a satisfactory service free of fee. We are also surprised by the hospitality and the dedication of clinicians and parent advisors.???

Yeabkal?s father is a teacher and his mom works for a private company. When he was born, they had no knowledge of clubfoot or what to do. The first several weeks of Yeabkal?s life were an emotional time for this family. The community where they lived believed clubfoot was untreatable.

On the first day at the clinic, Selamawit came crying and frustrated. But as she saw her son?s feet change, her attitude and gratitude completely changed.

?I thought that you are the agent of God who is sent to us from heaven in order to make us happy,? she said. ?I would like to say thanks and God bless you for what you have done for us and our child.?

You can clearly see the physical transformation in Yeabkal’s feet that eventually earned the trust of his mom Selamawit.

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