Amir in Ethiopia

One expects to find eggs, a fresh chicken, or a wide variety of vegetables when going to the outdoor market in Ethiopia, but one family never expected to find the answers to their son’s disability. 

Hamid’s son Amir was born with clubfoot, and until he visited the market that day, he did not know what to do for his son. Neighbors advised the family to go to traditional healers to see what they could do for Amir. But God’s timing brought Hamid to the market the day someone from Hope Walks was conducting marketplace awareness, an effective and inexpensive way to spread the word about clubfoot treatment.

The counseling provided by the parent advisor encouraged the family to stay on track with the treatment process. Hope Walks also provided transportation assistance to reduce the burden on the family each time they attended a clinic appointment.

“Our family is the luckiest one because we couldn’t imagine our son’s future being disabled his whole life,” Hamid said. “We’re very thankful to find such a blessed organization that dedicates itself to treating clubfoot to fight disability and its burden on our country.”