Ainhara in Honduras

Ainhara was born into a small family in Honduras. She received her first clubfoot casts at two days old in a private clinic not associated with Hope Walks. After two months of casting, the doctor moved Ainhara to leather shoes and said she would be fine, but something didn’t seem right to her parents.  

Pedro and Lesby brought Ainhara back to the hospital because they doubted her healing. At the hospital, medical professionals told them about Hope Walks and the Ponseti method to straighten feet twisted by clubfoot.

But the Hope Walks clinic was far away, requiring Pedro and Lesby to travel seven hours to the clinic. Lesby was struggling during this time. She saw other children Ainhara’s age progressing much faster than she was. 

When Ainhara wore casts, her parents felt like other parents were criticizing them. They saw the casts and assumed Ainhara had fallen and broken her legs because her parents were careless. Lesby attempted to hide her daughter’s casts with long, pink socks. The negative comments simply made Pedro and Lesby’s resolve greater to see their daughter through the treatment process. 

Marcia, their parent advisor, was a warm presence in the sea of doubt and confusion. Her explanations about clubfoot were comforting. Her words about God’s healing reassured Pedro and Lesby they were doing the right thing. 

Time passed, and Ainhara and her family found healing through Hope Walks. Ainhara can now walk, run, and jump with children her age who used to be developmentally faster than she was. 

“May God bless all the people who donate. We are grateful. There are no words to measure the degree of gratitude,” Pedro said.