Florence in Zambia

When Florence was born with clubfoot, her parents were afraid for their child’s future. They were concerned her family and neighbors would not accept her. The hospital that delivered Florence encouraged them to take her to the Beit CURE hospital in Lusaka, Zambia where Hope Walks has a partner clinic. But Florence?s father Collins had another secret he was withholding that made him fearful.

The parents required a lot of convincing that the Ponseti method of treatment using casts and braces was their best option for Florence. The dad revealed that he too had clubfoot as a child. Instead of the minimally invasive Ponseti method used by Hope Walks, he was treated surgically. He recalls it being very painful. Of course, Collins didn?t want to see his daughter go through the same pain.

Collins and his wife Charity decided to move forward with the Ponseti treatment after discussions with Hope Walks parent advisors. They were surprised at how quickly they saw a difference in Florence?s feet only after a few casts. Prior to treatment, they hid their daughter from others. However, once they saw their daughter respond positively to treatment, they became more social and outgoing.

The family was overwhelmingly happy with the counseling sessions that educated them about the process and gave them encouragement that their daughter would walk free from clubfoot. Collins was especially grateful that his daughter?s treatment was painless.