Carolyn in Malawi

When Carolyn was born with clubfoot, her mother, Saiden, immediately sought treatment through one of Hope Walks’ partner clinics after her delivery nurses told her where to go for help. However, the clinic was far from her home village, and the financial costs soon became a burden. 

After Carolyn started treatment, Hope Walks staff recognized how challenging it was for Saiden to pay for weekly public transportation to the clinic. Staff offered to cover these expenses for Saiden and Carolyn, thanks to funds available from donors to help cover the cost of transportation. 

While Carolyn was receiving treatment, her mother learned about the treatment process and her role from one of Hope Walks’ parent advisors. These individuals offer our families education, guidance, appointment reminders, reassurance, and prayer.

Carolyn’s mother would like to see Carolyn walk free from clubfoot and have straight feet like other children. Now that Carolyn is in the bracing stage, her mother can watch her walk and run. Throughout Carolyn’s treatment process, her mother believed, “I am sacrificing a lot so that Carolyn can have normal feet one day. I am sure God will hear my prayers and heal my child.”

God has used the generosity of many donors, foundations and supporters to answer this prayer for Saiden and many others. 

Carolyn and her mom before treatment began

Carolyn wearing one of the weekly pair of casts used to straighten her feet.