Keola in Haiti

Before Keola was born with clubfoot, her grandmother had a dream about her future. Her dream included visions of her granddaughter being born with her feet deformed and a nurse working to heal her. These visions came true when Keola and her family were led to treatment at a Hope Walks partner clinic in Diquini, Haiti.

Perhaps the grandmother?s dream gave them hope that Keola?s feet could be corrected. All doubt was removed when they came to the clinic and saw other children with the same condition who were now walking and running like other kids.

Today, Keola?s feet are corrected and she wears a brace at night to maintain the correction. Bedjina, Keola?s mother, doesn?t wait for others to have prophetic dreams about clubfoot treatment. She often shares flyers about the disability and shares her testimony freely with anyone who will listen.