Thomas in Kenya

Benson and Lydia waited patiently for six years for the arrival of their first child Thomas. When he was born with clubfoot, their joy was replaced with fear as they wondered whether their son would ever walk. But after they realized that there was hope for Thomas, they were determined never to look at anything as a challenge in their lives again.???

Benson, who runs a small business in Kenya, and his wife Lydia, a homemaker, were always close, but their son?s clubfoot made that bond even stronger as they attended each appointment together. Having a child with a disability also gave them the opportunity to ask God some tough questions. Why after waiting so long for a child would God give them one born with clubfoot? Was it something they had done? Would he ever walk?

Fortunately, God is big enough to handle those difficult questions. In the end, the couple came to a better understanding that ?all things work together for good to those who love the Lord.???

?We thought he would never walk,? Benson and Lydia said. ?The clinic has given us hope that our child has feet that will walk!??