Geremie in Benin

We are constantly reminded that God?s timing is perfect and that we must wait on the Lord. That?s not always easy to do, especially when your child is born with clubfoot, and you don?t have the answers you seek.

When Geremie was born in Benin with clubfoot, the hospital in Cotonou told his parents Gthiniel and Aldonista to go home and come back in six months. They listened and brought their son back in six months only to be told to wait another six months. Frustrated, the parents began listening to neighbors who said the deformity cannot be healed at the hospital and that they should use traditional herbs.

The day before the appointment with the traditional healer, the family attended a birthday party where they met a Hope Walks parent advisor. He convinced them to come to the clinic in Bethesda instead of relying on herbs.

But even with this newfound hope, waiting was still a challenge for this young family on the move. Because of their hurry, they did not take time to listen to the parent advisor or sit through first-time education. They did not realize how important following the treatment schedule was. When Aldonista saw little improvement in her son?s foot, she left without having the next cast put on him.

Unwilling to give up on this family, the Bethesda parent advisor contacted the parents and convinced them to come back on the next clinic day. From that point on, Gthiniel and Aldonista understood that their role in their son?s treatment was critical for complete healing. After the castings were done, and it was clear that Geremie?s foot was corrected, the father was so happy he bought the first pair of shoes for his son.

?You really came on time,? the mother told the parent advisor. ?If we did not meet that day, our baby?s foot would be worse now than it was at birth. God sent you on time, which strengthens my faith.?