Blessing in Kenya

Carol is a young woman who lives with untreated clubfoot in Kenya. When her daughter Blessing also was born with this birth defect, she was devastated. But out of despair grew hope for Blessing’s future.

Unable to get the help she needed, Carol’s mother did not know where to turn to help her daughter when she was born with clubfoot. 

When Carol’s daughter Blessing was born with the same birth defect, she was devastated knowing how difficult her life would be. 

Fortunately, this family’s story of clubfoot did not repeat itself. Carol was connected with the Hope Walks partner clinic in the hospital where Blessing was born. Today, Blessing’s feet are straight and the cycle of clubfoot has been broken.

Carol with her dad and mom. Grandma Jane holds Blessing.

On location – Hope Walks visited Carol and her family in Kenya to capture her clubfoot journey.