Masika – the Democratic Republic of Congo

We don?t know what causes clubfoot, but we often see it in multiple generations of one family. Kavira was not surprised when her daughter Masika was born with clubfoot because she and other relatives have it. Finding out her daughter could be healed was the big surprise.

?Since our family has a lot of people having this problem, we couldn?t imagine that it can be treated at this level,? Kavira said.

Other mothers who had their children treated at the Hope Walks partner clinic in Butembo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, told Kavira that treatment was possible, giving her newfound hope for her Masika. Clinicians treated Masika using the Ponseti method of casting and braces. Prior to that, Masika was being treated elsewhere with another technique that proved unsuccessful. Today, she only needs to wear her brace at night.

Despite the miraculous healing, the family still faced many stigmas and prejudices from neighbors and even the family. Coming from a family with a history of clubfoot, the husband’s family often treated Kavira poorly. Masika was conceived out of wedlock, which did not help the situation. But today, Kavira and Masika?s father Kambale are married thanks to Hope Walks parent advisors who provided counseling sessions. The road ahead is not completely smooth for this young family, but now with treatment in its final stage, there is hope.