1. Prayer -?Nothing is as powerful as an army of prayer warriors. Pray for the children, their families, the staff providing life-altering treatment, and that doors will be opened so more children can be served.
  2. Amazon Smiles?-?You already shop online. Your purchase may as well benefit a good cause like Hope Walks. Be sure to log into?smile.amazon.com?when shopping and select Hope Walks as your charity of choice.
  3. Shop & Support??Popular retailers like Lowes, PetSmart and Walgreens will donate a portion of your purchase to Hope Walks. Visit?www.shopandsupport.org.
  4. Thrivent –?Hope Walks is now eligible to receive Thrivent Choice Dollars from Thrivent Financial members! Visit?Thrivent.com/thriventchoice.
  5. Donate –?For as little as $12 a month, you can provide a pair of plaster casts or a brace to a new child every month. For $36 a month, you can provide complete treatment for one child every year.?Give online.