Our Mission

Our Mission

Motivated by our hope in Christ, Hope Walks frees children, families, and communities from the burden of clubfoot.

Why we do what we do

Left untreated, clubfoot can lead to a lifetime of disability, keeping families stuck in cycles of poverty and leaving potentially productive members of a community on the sidelines.

Clubfoot can do that, but it doesn?t have to. With early treatment, a child?s feet can be corrected before they take their first steps. This throws open the doors of opportunity?for children to get an education, for parents to be freed from the financial burden of disability, for communities to have one more able contributor. The impact is never just physical. It?s relational, social, financial, spiritual. It?s more far-reaching than we can name.

We believe that the greatest gift is not just freedom from clubfoot alone, but the hope that comes from walking with Jesus. We do what we do to serve Him and to share His love with those we serve.

How you can do what we do

You don?t have to be a doctor or a nurse or a missionary living in Africa to help solve the problem of clubfoot. What we need most are people who are willing to spread the word and join us in our mission.

Be part of the solution

A letter from our President

Walking. Most of the time, we take it for granted. But if you are blessed with the ability to walk, think for just a moment how dramatically different your life would be without the ability to stand and walk on your own two feet. The slightest curb becomes an insurmountable obstacle. Stairs become a sad symbol of missed opportunities.?

This is the scenario faced by more than 180,000 children born each year with a birth defect called clubfoot. Without treatment, these children will be unable to walk. Fortunately, unlike many other birth defects, clubfoot can be treated and corrected with simple casts and braces. A few hundred dollars means the difference between a life begging on the streets and a life of hope.

For the past seven years, I?ve seen firsthand the life-altering transformation possible when a child receives clubfoot treatment. Your support has allowed us to enroll more than 135,000 children since 2006, first as the CURE Clubfoot, and now as Hope Walks.?

For us, treating these children is more than a physical correction of their feet. More importantly, it has an eternal impact on these families as we share the love of Jesus Christ with them.

Join us in making freedom from clubfoot a reality.

In Hope,

Scott Reichenbach

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Our Team