COVID and Clubfoot – Stories from the front lines

Many clinics remain open in countries where the spread of COVID-19 has been slow. But that does not mean it is business as usual. Everyone is adjusting to new processes and procedures in order to control the spread of the disease and keep patients and staff as safe as possible.?

In Rwanda, clinics are the central points where clinicians, parents, patients and parent advisors meet for holistic clubfoot treatment; (spiritual and clinical). In this period of COVID-19, getting to the clinics has been difficult, resulting in a reduction of children attending and some dropping out of treatment.

If families and patients are able to get to the clinic, they are met with a number of new steps in the process. For example, at the Gahini Clinic in Gahini Rehabilitation Center (GRC), everyone is screened at an entry gate. Prevention measures are rigorously observed such as requiring everyone to wear masks, wash hands, not shake hands and other social distancing practices.??

From left: Emmy, 14 months old (Braces at night only); Lucky, 12 months old ( Day and Night braces); and Bruce, 3 months old ( Casting phase)

Moms taking advantage of the nice weather to social distance outdoors as they way for their appointment.?