Walking Free

from disability

Every three minutes, a child is born with clubfoot somewhere in the world. 90% of these kids are born in low- and middle-income countries where only about 1 in 5 get treatment.


Every child deserves a chance to walk free from disability. You may be the reason a child walks tomorrow by Donating today. 




This December our goal is to support care for 500 children born with clubfoot. We need your help so these kids can Walk Free from Disability. As little as $49 will cover the cost of seven casts, enough in most cases to fully straighten a child’s feet. Full treatment and five years of follow-up costs only $500. Every little bit gets us closer to a generation walking free from this treatable disability.

500 Kids by Dec. 31








Help us support 500 kids by December 31! We now have enough support for 423 kids!

  • Our progress toward $250,000 85% 85%

Give the Gift of Walking

Seeing is believing! With your help, more kids like Zahya in Kenya and the other kids in this video will be Walking Free from Disability this Christmas. Help us support care for 500 additional kids by Dec. 31.

Every child deserves a chance to walk

When a child’s clubfoot is left untreated, it leads to a life of challenge and hardship for both the child and family. They will have lost opportunities for friendships, mobility and jobs. 

Trevor and Amie Hunt know the difficulty of having a child born with clubfoot. But here in the US, they had access to healthcare and medical professionals who could treat their son Daniel. Kids in Latin America and Africa don’t always have that opportunity. 

As little as $49 will pay for seven weeks of casts, enough to get a child closer to walking free from the burden of clubfoot. Every dollar counts.