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Clubfoot is a problem we know how to solve, but we can?t solve it alone. We need your help. For as little as $12 a month, you can be part of making freedom from clubfoot a reality.

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?They thank donors for the great works they are doing and ask that God continue to bless them, sustain them, and continue to support the smiles and hope they are giving parents across the world.? ? Counselor on behalf of parents
Awonjiam from Ghana
?He makes sure that at every night, the family holds prayers, for they have seen what God has done for their son and what He can do in everyone?s lives. The family wishes other parents who have a child like theirs could have access to this treatment, wherever they are.? ?Counselor
Yohane from Malawi
?The day I came to [the clinic], my hope was renewed after sharing with the counselor. I have never seen a hospital or health center where a human being is so important than this hospital. We are grateful unto God and unto you, too.? ?Mom
Raouda from Niger
?We are very happy and very satisfied with the treatment we received. May God bless all who participated to our child?s treatment!? ?Parents
Abdoul from Niger
“We don?t know how to express our gratefulness to God and also to the donors. May God bless them!” ?Parents
Gafo from Togo
?The family can testify how people around them are thanking the Lord because of the healing of their child. They are so grateful to the treatment team and the donors for their support and thank God for His mercy.? ?Counselor
Lekoulnan from Togo