Violette in Rwanda

Olivia loves the Lord and loves to share her faith with others. During the global pandemic, many churches were closed in Rwanda leaving few opportunities for this Rwandan mom to share the gospel. When her daughter Violette was born with clubfoot, weekly visits to the Hope Walks partner clinic opened new opportunities for her to meet others and spread the Good News.

Olivia believed parents can benefit twice during clinic days. First, their child receives healing treatment that will allow them to walk and run normally someday. Second, they can benefit spiritually while meeting with the parent advisor or having a discussion with Olivia.

Despite her love of visiting the clinic with Violette, it was not easy for her to make the journey. Both she and her husband Cassien have little income from the occasional jobs they are able to pick up. They both didn’t expect to get any help from others so they were humbled when Hope Walks was able to help pay for some of their travel expenses through a transportation grant.

While looking for jobs, Oliva was forced to leave Violette with other family members who didn’t know how to properly care for the casts. This made her anxious. Now that she is in braces, Olivia is more comfortable leaving her with others.

“We are satisfied with the care we received from both clinicians and parent advisor,” Cassien said. “They do all so that our children be healed quickly and well.”