Abdoulaye in Burkina Faso

Many people told Dad Oumarou and Mom Mamata that treatment was useless for their son Abdoulaye who was born with clubfoot. ?This is God?s will for your son to be born like that,? they said.

Instead of listening to the nay-sayers, this Muslim family went all-in with their son?s treatment. They even temporarily moved from their farm on the Ivory Coast, more than 621 miles away, to be closer to the clinic during the five-month casting process.

An active child can be one of the joys, and frustrations, of parenting. Now imagine dealing with an active child while trying to care for and protect a set of casts to correct clubfoot. This is what Abdoulaye?s parents faced during his early treatment.

Like good parents, they weathered the storm and are beyond excited that his feet are now corrected, he?s wearing braces, and is learning to walk. The results are a world apart from where Abdoulaye began his journey.

After seeing the results of treatment and his son?s straight feet, Oumarou couldn?t help but give his praise. ?God bless you all at the clubfoot clinic. You?re a fantastic team, and you restored hope and joy in our family. Only God can pay you.?