Maramawit in Ethiopia

When their daughter Maramawit was born with clubfoot, Kiros and Tseryet were in complete shock and decided to hide their precious little girl. The thought of neighbors saying something discouraging was enough to break their hearts. But for this young father, a music composer by trade, learning that his daughter?s feet could be straightened was like sweet music to his ears.
Many times only one parent is able to bring the child in for weekly appointments to the clubfoot clinic. But Kiros and his wife Tseryet always came to the appointments together. The weekly process of soaking Maramawit?s casts to remove them at the clinic was a bonding experience for the parents and parent advisor.?
Kiros is sociable and outgoing while his wife is shy. For Kiros, the weekly visits were an opportunity to discuss treatment with other parents and make new friends.
Even for Maramawit?s sociable father, he said, ?we don?t have any words to express our feelings. We thank you all.??

Maramawit in the bracing stage

Maramawit with perfectly straight, corrected feet!