Host a brace-painting event

Looking for a unique group activity to host with your team? A brace-painting party is a fun way to build moral and help kids in need all at the same time!

You and your team will paint leathers that will be turned into life-transforming braces. Help kids walk free from disability and feed your team’s desire to give back – a key strategy for healthy staff retention. Your team will get photos of finished braces so they can see the impact they make.

Party boxes include everything you need to host your own AMAZING team-building event at your church or office.

$20 Donation = 1 Pair of Leathers

What others are saying…

“This has turned out to be one of the best service projects we’ve done in terms of convenience and engagement. We think you ought to start promoting the heck out of this to other businesses.”

Keith Jennings

VP Community Impact, Jackson Healthcare

“We’ve done multiple brace painting events and it’s been great to see our employees get excited about being involved with Hope Walks. It’s great to take a break from the normal routine and focus on how we can impact others.”

Leron Lehman

Chief Operating Officer, Candoris, a CDI Company

“HopeWalks has quickly turned into an organization that I love volunteering through with coworkers & family members! Brace painting is such a simple way to get connected with an organization doing so much good!”

Nicole Zigarelli

Employee Engagement Coordinator, Candoris, a CDI Company

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Complete the form below and one of our expert party planners will contact you to help you set up a corporate/church community service event that your team will be talking about for years! Our braces cost us $20 to produce, including material, shipping and labor. A $20 donation covers all expenses for one pair of leathers.



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On average it costs $20 per leather to:

  1. Ship to US Headquarters and take to Africa. (Staff usually carry an extra suitcase or two when we travel to the field.)
  2. Manufacture the Braces (We hire local workers to turn your leathers into a brace.)
  3. Deliver them to Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda or Zambia, where they get put on the feet of a child with clubfoot.

Can’t wait to help these kids while your waiting for your brace-painting supplies to arrive? Consider a corporate gift to help today! A donation of $500 will pay for the full five-year treatment and maintenance of a child born with clubfoot. Thank you for joining Hope Walks to make sure every child has the chance to walk.

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