Stuff a stocking –

Change a life!

Do we really need another pair of socks or a tie this Christmas? Who wears ties anymore anyway? But kids in Africa need a brace to walk free from the burden of clubfoot.  Fill your stocking this year with something that will make a lifelong difference!

This unique gift includes a pair of leather and paint pens for you to unleash your creativity.

Once we get your painted leather, our busy little elves will ship them off to Africa where they will be turned into a life-transforming brace for a child born with clubfoot.

Once completed, you’ll get a photo* of your artwork turned into a true thing of beauty to help heal a child from this treatable disability. *Adult contact information required to receive photo of completed brace.

Sorry, Santa’s Brace-Painting Workshop is Closed

We are happier than an elf with an endless supply of candy canes that you want to paint a brace for kids born with clubfoot. Sadly, Santa is nearly packed up and ready for his big night, so orders for Stocking Stuffers are closed for this year.

However, you can still order party boxes of various sizes, with shipments starting again after we ring in the New Year.

Stocking Stuffer 2022