Sied in Sudan

Ayde and her husband come from a small village in North Sudan. They were heartbroken when their daughter, Sied, had clubfoot. They wanted to give Sied a better life like the other children, so they started treatment in their village. Treatment in their village was not going well, and they knew they needed more help to complete the treatment. That is when their friend told them about Hope Walks’ partner clinic at Khartoum Chesire Homes (KCH).

The problem was they lived far from the clinic, but Ayde and her husband still got Sied the treatment she needed. Despite the distance, Ayde and her husband attended every appointment and committed to giving their daughter a better life. Even when the clinicians cast Sied and, she was crying, they knew they were helping her.

Sied is now in the bracing stage of her treatment. Ayde and her husband said they feel “comfortable and happy” with the process and “didn’t expect it would be that easy.” Hope Walks partner clinic KCH is currently treating Sied for bilateral clubfoot. Ayde and her husband are very happy with the results and how the clinic treated them during that time.