Samuel from Ethiopia

A visual reminder

Samuel from Ethiopia

Samuel wasn’t born into an ideal situation. His mother, Shewaye, grew up in poverty and desperately wanted to help her family financially. She was working multiple jobs, but her wages were so low that she wasn’t able to contribute much to her family’s needs. Her life was filled with obstacles that seemed insurmountable.

So when Shewaye met a wealthy man and began dating him, her family encouraged her to marry him… even though he had another wife and ten other children, and even though she didn’t love him. At least she would be financially stable.

When their first child, Samuel, was born, they were sad to learn that he was born with clubfoot, a condition that could prevent him from being able to walk or run freely like other children. Thankfully, Samuel was able to find the treatment he needed through a rehabilitation center that partners with Hope Walks in northern Ethiopia, where his family lives. Because he was able to start the program immediately, he should have no lasting effects from clubfoot. He’ll likely never even remember having it.

This story isn’t perfect. Few are. Finding healing for clubfoot certainly won’t fix everything for Shewaye and her family, even though healing will radically change Samuel’s life forever.

But perhaps now, what would have been one more insurmountable obstacle is evidence that things can change. Perhaps now, when Shewaye sees Samuel walk on straight feet, she will be reminded of a tangible hope she didn’t know was possible before.

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