Mumbere in DRC

Mumbere’s mom, Kahindiro, has a faith that gives her strength and peace. It was this faith that got her through the challenges she faced when Mumbere was born with clubfoot. Even though her in-laws personally blamed her for the birth defect, she never lost hope that God would provide healing for her son.

Even with this strong faith, Kahindiro endured threats from the family and feelings of worthlessness. But the head of the maternity unit provided a glimmer of hope by referring her to the Hope Walks partner clinic in Oicha.

The parent advisor at the clinic comforted Mumbere’s mom throughout the process. He clearly explained the treatment process and provided scripture to comfort her, particularly Exodus 15:26, which says “…I am the Lord, your healer.” 

“When the treatment came on, I thought you were just consoling me,” Kahindiro said. “With time and the positive development of the child, I am coming to understand that anything is possible for those who believe in God the Father.”

Even her inlaws have come around. As they see the healing process taking place in Mumbere, their threats to the Kahindiro have ceased.

Now, she can look forward to exciting possibilities for her son as he grows up. She even hopes that someday he’ll be a great soccer star. Who knows? With God, all things are possible.

from left: Jokebed sits on her mom’s lap during a brace checkup. The shirt created by Jokebed’s parents as a sign of appreciation for the treatment she received. Jokebed with straight feet.

Mumbere in the casting phase with his mom.

Mumbere, not in the best mood, wearing his casts after casts straightened his feet.