Mohamed in Niger

Like many moms who have a child with clubfoot, Salamatou was ashamed of her son’s disability and hid his twisted feet with sheets. She would not even let close relatives know about his condition. But hiding feet is not a long-term solution. Eventually, people found out about Mohamed’s clubfoot. 

Surprisingly, instead of shunning Mohamed and his family, close neighbors encouraged her to get treatment for the little boy. The community’s support gave Salamatou the courage to find healing for her son.

“I was really surprised the first day we arrived at the clinic,” Salamatou said. “It was as if we were from the same family. The clinicians had great respect for us and our children. I have never seen it before at any clinic.”

Each day, Salamtou’s hope grew because of the counseling provided by the parent advisor. She now realizes that clubfoot is not part of her destiny, and it doesn’t need to be part of anyone else’s future. 

Mohamed’s clubfoot also made her realize that suffering from a disability is a reality. Salamatou has newfound compassion for those with a disability, and she no longer fears showing her son to others.