Martine in DRC

New moms often have many questions when their child is born, “What will they become when they grow up? What will their life look like?” Christine also had many questions when her daughter Martine was born: “Have I sinned against God? Is it witchcraft? Why only me?”

Martine’s clubfoot raised many uncomfortable questions for Christine. Unfortunately, others asked these same questions about Christine and mocked her and Martine. Christine had little hope until she heard a public service announcement on a local radio station talking about free clubfoot treatment at AMKA Center for the Disabled in Kindu.

Christine and her husband Vincent were surprised when they made it to the Hope Walks partner clinic for Martine’s first visit. Unlike their other hospital experiences, the staff offered warm greetings to this scared and confused family. The parent advisor Louise calmly explained clubfoot and its treatment. Louise also provided counseling for their social struggles with a child born with clubfoot.

“God bless him who allowed my child to start the free treatment process,” Christine said. “Thank you, Hope Walks.”

from left: Jokebed sits on her mom’s lap during a brace checkup. The shirt created by Jokebed’s parents as a sign of appreciation for the treatment she received. Jokebed with straight feet.

Martine in the casting phase for her unilateral clubfoot.

Martine in a brace during a clinic visit