Baby Betire in Ethiopia

While imagining the happiness and joy their son would bring to their family, Bogale and Betire headed to the hospital to give birth to their firstborn son. However, things quickly took a turn. Everyone thought Betire’s baby might not make it due to how he was breathing. With the grace of God and the doctors’ wisdom, the little boy was delivered safely and recovered.

However, through all of this, the baby’s clubfoot went unnoticed. When Betire held him one day, she noticed something was wrong with his feet. Bogale and Betire were scared that something was severely wrong with their son. They sought medical answers immediately, and he was diagnosed with bilateral clubfoot. Before this moment, Bogale and Betire had never seen a clubfoot baby before and didn’t know what this meant for their son.

After receiving the diagnosis, Bogale and Betire decided to start treatment for their son. One of Hope Walk’s partner clinics, Hawassa Adare Clinic, began educating the parents about clubfoot and started casting the boy. During his treatment process, Bogale and Betire found hope lost since their son was born. 

After their son’s treatment, Bogale and Betire were so moved that they decide to rename him Jedidiah, meaning “Loved by God.” 

Bogale said, “We’re very thankful and felt as if God has done a remarkable job for our family, and we renamed our son because he is indeed loved by God, to have found this treatment for free.”