Ivan in Malawi

Taking care of a baby is challenging enough, but when her child was born with clubfoot, that added to Catherine’s stress and worry. She was told she must keep Ivan’s casts clean and dry as much as possible. This made it difficult for her to clean up Ivan. But Catherine adjusted.

What was harder to adjust to was being a single mother with no husband to help her with the daily struggles and care of Ivan. Catherine was distraught at the beginning not thinking Ivan’s feet would be corrected. 

She is single, but not alone. Her parents and the community encouraged her that Ivan would be fine. When going to the Hope Walks partner clinic seemed overwhelming, the people in her support system would encourage her to get to the clinic and not miss one treatment. 

Today thanks to the support she received from friends, family and donors, Ivan is on the brace stage. His feet are corrected and straight. Catherine is also hopeful that Ivan’s father will see God’s glory through the healing of their child.