Ibrahim in Burkina Faso

Boukare and Safieta were devastated when their son Ibrahim was born with twisted feet. At that time, they had no idea it was clubfoot. Hiding his feet when visitors came to their home became a common practice. But a midwife in their village knew what this condition was and knew that it could be successfully treated. Through her convincing, Boukare and Safieta decided to get treatment at the Hope Walks partner clinic at CMC Morija Kaya. 

Fortunately for this family, the midwife had heard about clubfoot through a visit from Pastor Edmond, a Hope Walks parent advisor, to the clinic earlier in the year. As Ibrahim’s treatment continued, this midwife continued to play a key role in communication with the family, who did not have phone service. Pastor Edmond would relay messages to the midwife who would pass it onto the family.

Pastor Edmond was able to visit the family and was able to use that opportunity to further spread knowledge about clubfoot to the 16 people who were there. Ibrahim’s grandfather rewarded Pastor Edmond’s kindness by giving him a rooster, saying “you have come very far from your hometown to see my grandson. May God make your work go forward.” 

Today, Boukare and Safieta no longer need to hide their son’s feet when visitors come. Instead, they gladly share his story to let more people know clubfoot is treatable.

(first photo) Ibrahim before treatment. (second photo) Pastor Edmond holds him during a home visit after his feet were corrected.