Cosam in Zambia

Barrister and Trinnah understood the meaning of sacrificial love. After their son Cosam was born with clubfoot, they knew they had to seek treatment even if they had never heard of clubfoot previously. So, with what little means they had, they made the long journey from their small farming village to the Hope Walks partner clinic at Monze Mission Hospital.

Before making the decision to seek treatment, fear crippled their family. They were unsure their son would ever live a normal life and felt trapped in the unknown. On arrival at the clinic, the parent advisors gave them a warm reception. They took them through a lot of counseling on clubfoot and orientation to clubfoot clinic procedures. At this point, they started to feel relaxed, comfortable and hopeful that their child would be fine someday. While working alongside their parent advisor, Barrister and Trinnah’s faith in the Lord was also strengthened and they became more eager to listen to the Word of God.

Both parents said, “Thanks for the work Hope Walks is doing to have our children be treated for free.” To help ease the burden of the long travel, Hope Walks provided transportation assistance for the family to get to the clinic.

Despite the financial struggles that came along with the initial travel and the fear of the unknown, Cosam’s parents remained consistent in his treatment. The sorrows and pain they had once felt were now replaced with smiles on their faces after seeing Cosam’s progress.