When their daughter Adele was born with clubfoot, her parents wasted no time in finding out what the condition was and where it could be treated by doing some research on the internet. In fact, even with no knowledge of clubfoot, Orlando and Candy had their daughter in her first cast when she was barely seven-days old. Now that is tenacity!

The two searched for a treatment solution on the internet and found Hope Walks. Once the clinic started treatment, it wasn?t long before Orlando and Candy saw dramatic improvements in Adele?s feet.?

While she and her husband found treatment for Adele very quickly, she admits that awareness of clubfoot is extremely important. Too many parents don?t know about clubfoot until they have a child born with the disability.?

Candy says that besides the healing in her child?s feet, the biggest gift was when their parent advisor would share the gospel with them. For them, Hope Walks staff are like angels that God put on their path.?