Carlson in Mozambique

Carlson was born in Mozambique and is the youngest in his family. When Carlson was born at Matola Gare Health Center, the nurse informed his parents that he had clubfoot. His mother, Linda, was filled with embarrassment but also comforted at the same time. Even though her son’s condition saddened Linda, she knew that there was treatment available for her son. Health Center staff referred the family to one of Hope Walks’ partner clinics, Maputo Central Hospital, for treatment.

However, Carlson’s parents were concerned about the price of the treatment. With the father being a hairdresser and the mother unemployed, the family cannot always make ends meet. However, they are a family that fights daily for survival and went to the hospital to obtain more information despite the costs. 

After being referred to Maputo Central Hospital, Hope Walks staff informed the family that treatment was free. Carlson’s parents were grateful, knowing their son would be healed without carrying the financial burden. 

Staff successfully treated Carlson with the help of Hope Walks donors. The family expressed their gratitude by stating, “For us, the parents, seeing our son healed is a clear manifestation of a miracle of God, hidden in the hands of the doctors. We are spiritually strengthened.”