Camila in Mozambique 

When Camila was born with a twisted foot, Nazare and Rosa thought someone had cast a spell on their newborn daughter. However, they did not know they would find such hope when they first encountered this disability. 

Camila, their child, was born with unilateral clubfoot, meaning that only one of her feet was twisted inward and downward. 

One day, the couple was listening to the radio, and they heard about the place where Camila would later find healing. They heard about Hope Walks and its partner clinic that treats clubfoot.

From a sad yet humble demeanor, Nazare and Rosa enlisted the help of the staff at a Hope Walks clinic in Mozambique. Just a few months after she was born, Camila began with her first stage of treatment, a series of casts used to gently move the foot into the correct position.

Now, Camila has finished her casting, and she is in the brace phase used to maintain the foot correction. Her mother, Rosa, has been surprised to see the healing of her daughter’s foot come so quickly. Both parents have been committed to the treatment plan using the Ponseti method, which is a series of casting and bracing to straighten the feet and maintain the correction.

Now more than ever, they feel confident to share this hope with others who face the same uncertainty they did.