Every three minutes, a child is born with clubfoot, a disability that twists the feet, and if left untreated, they will grow up disabled. But here’s the good news. Clubfoot is treatable and you can be part of giving these kids a Bright Future. Please help us heal 600 more kids by the end of the year so they can walk free from disability and share the love of Christ.

Double your impact!

Now for a limited time, all donations from new donors will be matched dollar for dollar! Now is the time to double your impact and help more children walk free from the burden of clubfoot!

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Meet Florida, Blaise and Junior: Thanks to your support, Blaise and Junior can now walk, play, and dream of a future without limitations. These brothers in Rwanda are just two of the thousands born every year with this treatable disability. Your generosity gives hope to moms like Florida. 

She faced the challenge of caring for two boys with clubfoot as a widow, yet the bright light from donors inspired Florida to help other parents with clubfoot. People like you are making sure these kids walk free from clubfoot. When God’s light shines, it spreads far and wide.

Help us help more children like Blaise and Junior walk free from disability. Our goal is to raise enough to serve 600 more kids by the end of the year. Imagine it, 600 children whose life will no longer be defined by disability. 600 families who will know they are loved and will experience the love of Christ this holiday season.

Stages of clubfoot healing

Before Treatment



Walking Free!

We know these kids have a Bright Future with your support. It’s a future where disability is not part of their story, and the love of God shines bright.  With your support they can walk, run, play, jump, skip, leap, laugh and rejoice!
As we approach the end of 2023, let’s keep the momentum going. If our progress inspires you, please be part of our efforts to end the year by enrolling 600 more children in life-transforming treatment. Remember, it’s not just about physical healing. It’s also a spiritual impact that ensures a Bright Future for eternity!