Blessings for Blessing

Three days after Blessings birth, her father came to visit her in the hospital only for him to reject his family upon the shock of discovering his daughter had clubfoot. After blaming his wife for their daughter?s condition, he walked out of the hospital never to be seen again by his family.?
Since Blessing?s mother stopped working when she got married, she now survived by selling vegetables at her doorstep. Some hope came when the hospital she gave birth in offered to treat Blessing?s clubfoot while still just two weeks old. Eventually, Blessing was transferred to one of our partner clinics, Kisumu Clubfoot Care for Kenya clinic, where she received her braces.
Soon the pandemic established more hardships for Blessing and her mother. The vegetable business ended and Blessing?s mother couldn’t pay rent, leading them to eviction from their house. Over the course of one month Blessing and her mother hopped between two aunt?s homes before the situation got too stressful for all of them.?
Stress relief finally came to Blessing and her mother when they found out that Hope Walks had a donor who would pay for their transportation expenses, which had doubled since the pandemic. With payments to the clinic covered and with prayer from her parent advisor, Blessing?s mother praised God, grateful for the new blessings in her life. Blessing?s mother now hopes to reestablish her vegetable business and has renewed hope in her daughter?s continued clubfoot treatment. What a blessing!

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