B.B. in Ghana

We all have dreams for our children. Some may be big, but others may be as simple and humble as the desire to see your child walk and go to school like other kids. Perhaps Patience had bigger dreams for her little boy too, but when BB was born with clubfoot her priorities shifted. She saw what was truly important.

Despite his birth defect, BB was fortunate to be born into a literate, middle class family. His mom works as a procurement officer for the company where she is employed. The entire family was shocked when BB was born with clubfoot. They had never seen or heard of this common birth defect.

Once directed to the Hope Walks partner clinic at St. John of God Hospital in Duayaw Nkwanta, the Ponseti method of treatment was started. The process includes casts and braces. BB only needed three weekly casts before his feet were visibly straight. This brought so much joy to Patience. With his mom and dad’s permission, BB was even part of practical training for clinicians as they learn the minimally invasive Ponseti method.

“We are happy to see our son’s feet coming back,” his mom and dad said. “Thank you, Hope Walks.”