Muhindo in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Imagine being born with clubfoot that was never treated, giving birth to a daughter with clubfoot, and now facing the birth of your second child with this birth defect. This is the reality for Kavira in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But she?s been through this before, and God?s strength has seen her through.?

When Kavira gave birth to her first daughter, Masika (right), she was completely shocked to learn that clubfoot is treatable. She was so excited that her daughter would not have to live the same difficult life she has. So when her son Muhindo (left) also was born with clubfoot, the shock hit her all over again. But at least now she knew where to go for treatment. She had the experience of her daughter as hope for her new little boy.

?I trusted in God that my second born would not be like me,? Kavira said. ?But I know he will be fine and get better just like his sister is now. I?m thankful to the medical team who are always helping me to provide treatment for my children. May God bless everyone involved in this support.?

Her family blamed the birth of her first child with clubfoot on the fact that she gave birth out of wedlock. The father of the child even abandoned her over this. But the parent advisor worked very hard to reconcile the couple. They were married after Masika?s treatment, and now Muhindo was born into a family made whole. Soon his feet will be just as straight as his big sister’s.?

Photo captions: Top – Kavira holds Muhindo after a casting while big sister Masika sits next to them with her brace. Bottom – Masika standing on straight feet in her village during a home visit.?