No more isolation

Isabella in the Dominican Republic When a child is born with clubfoot, often the parents feel an overwhelming sense of isolation from other families. That’s exactly what Arianny Mercedes felt when her daughter Isabella was born with clubfoot in the Dominican Republic.  Fortunately, Isabella’s pediatrician knew exactly what the condition was and knew where to […]

God’s perfect timing

Geremie in Benin We are constantly reminded that God’s timing is perfect and that we must wait on the Lord. That’s not always easy to do, especially when your child is born with clubfoot, and you don’t have the answers you seek. When Geremie was born in Benin with clubfoot, the hospital in Cotonou told […]

Lightning strikes twice

Elysee in Rwanda Having one child who had clubfoot was hard enough. When their second boy, Elysee, also was born with clubfoot, hearts sank for his parents Theophile and Muhoracyeye.  The parents knew the challenges ahead of them even though their first son was successfully treated at the Hope Walks partner clinic Gahini in Rwanda. […]